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Load Blockers for Party stackers

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Part Number:Load Blocker
We have been looking at all of the storage options for our shop ride and really haven't fallen in love with any of them. Many seem to be semi-permanently mounted and take up much of the bed, which makes it a bit difficult to remove the access panel to service the air filter and get to the top of the motor to inspect plugs wiring etc.. 

When it comes to coolers... this works ok, but because the cooler is right on the bed it doesn't keep things cold for very long and at the end of a long ride, right when you want a cold one it's not. So, we went shopping and found these super cool stackable coolers by Coleman (Party Stackers). They are a perfect fit and come in various sizes and colors. They can be found at most retailers (Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc...) as well as online for a reasonable price. We ended up with two of their 24 can models and they worked out super sweet. We use the lower cooler for tool and part storage. It's large enough to carry a pretty complete tool bag, spare belt and compressor, which we will always carry with us. If we are doing the dune thing or short rides where we know we won't be out for very long we will strap a soft cooler on top for a few drinks. On those all day rides we will use the second Party Stacker for lots of cold drinks as well as lunch and snacks. This works out really well because the cooler is insulated from the bed which keeps everything nice and cold all day long. 

Last thing we needed to do was come up with a way to strap them down securely, but not crush them. Again these coolers stack and nest together so we just needed to keep them in place. We developed tie down load blocks that secure the coolers and distribute the load on the lid. They also have strap locks so once you have the straps adjusted for the set up your going to run, they stay in place on the straps for easy tightening and loosening when you want to take them out. We added two aluminum angle brackets that attach through the bed and screw to the bed support bracket. So now you can have a tool box that you can remove easily to get to the filter and top of the motor and a cooler that will actually keep you stuff cold.

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