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RZR PreFilter kit  RZR 900S/1000S  above bed

RZR PreFilter kit RZR 900S/1000S above bed

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Part Number:RZR Prefilter kit 900S above bed
We have had a ton of requests for a prefilter kit for the 900S and 1000S. We heard complaints about how much dirt was getting in the air filter housing and inside the CVT cover.  After a review of the placement of the intakes we could see that there might be room for improvement. We have had excellent results prefiltering the XP1000 so we applied what we learned and developed a kit for the 900S and 1000S.  They mount on top of the bed.  Please note model year when ordering.

Of course working with R2C on the development of their severe duty filters for the UTV market we discussed our application for prefiltration. We then went about designing what we wanted and had R2C produce the filters to our specs. The filters feature R2C's Black Hex series which is more of an on road filter element that is 94% efficient which is what you can expect out of an oiled gauze type filter, however the R2C is a dry element that needs no oils to achieve that efficiency.

Like R2C's severe duty elements, the Black Hex R2C filters are easy to maintain by simply blowing them out with compressed air, (No messy oils or special cleaner to contend with).

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